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The Hospital Research Foundation (HRF) Group plays a vital role in supporting South Australians with disabilities. Their grant funding allows organizations like ICJP (I Can Jump Puddles) to provide crucial pre-access support, helping individuals navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

ICJP’s Impact with HRF Grant Funding:

Clients Supported: 54 (link to a page detailing client stories)
Hours of Support: 648
HRF Contribution: $104,755

What is Pre-Access Support?

Pre-access support bridges the gap for individuals seeking NDIS access. ICJP, with the support of HRF funding, offers a comprehensive package including:

  • Gathering Medical Information: ICJP facilitates the collection of medical evidence related to a person’s disability from healthcare professionals.
  • Disability Needs Assessment: Physiotherapists and psychologists conduct thorough evaluations to determine disability-related needs.
  • NDIS Eligibility Support: ICJP assists individuals in understanding and meeting NDIS eligibility requirements.
  • Goal Setting and Planning: ICJP works collaboratively with clients to define goals and develop plans for utilizing NDIS funding to:
    • Increase independence
    • Enhance community access
    • Pursue passions
    • The Impact of HRF Funding

The HRF grant has significantly improved the lives of individuals with neuromuscular disabilities who lack NDIS funding. Here’s how:

Improved Quality of Life: Over 40 clients and their families have benefitted from enhanced support services.

NDIS Access Facilitation: The HRF grant has empowered clients to access allied health services for assessments, ultimately leading to NDIS eligibility.

Sam Boag, Director, ICJP: “The HRF’s proactive approach in funding solutions for gaps in services has been invaluable. We are grateful to be part of this life-changing program.” 

Sherri Thompson, Client Supported through HRF Grant: “Thanks to ICJP and the HRF, my NDIS application was successful, allowing me greater access to the community and home help.”

Addressing the NDIS Application Process:

ICJP recognizes the complexity of the NDIS application process. They offer pre-access support to:

  • Demystify the NDIS: Provide clarity and understanding of the NDIS system.
  • Navigate Administrative Processes: Assist individuals in navigating the application process.
  • Reduce Application Stress: Ease the burden associated with NDIS applications.

Financial Barriers Removed:

The HRF grant has significantly reduced financial barriers to comprehensive assessments, making the NDIS application process more accessible.


The collaboration between the Hospital Research Foundation and ICJP empowers individuals with disabilities to access the NDIS and achieve greater independence and a more fulfilling life.