Social Work

A Social Worker empowers clients by tapping into their strengths and helping them use these in their daily lives to overcome difficulties or challenges. Our Social Workers will actively listen to your own evaluation of what challenges you face and what you’d like to achieve and will work alongside you to help you reach your goals.

Social workers understand the overwhelming feelings of stress, helplessness, anger and anxiety; and how these feelings impact our overall health and wellbeing.
They can provide support to you to help you better manage challenges in areas such as adjustment and change, parenting strategies, relationship issues, loss and grief and self-esteem. 

We walk alongside clients to support them to develop their social and emotional capacities. Using a strengths-based, trauma informed, person centred lens to implement social work techniques and theories to assist in both therapeutic emotional support and capacity building. 

How can a social worker help you?


  • Social Skills and Engagement in the community
  • Therapeutic counselling and support

  • Changing your mindset and tapping into your strengths
  • Family and carer support/skill building

  • Grief and Loss Support & Counselling
  • Accessing community resources

  • Interpersonal skills and relationship building

  • Independent living assistance 
  • Assistance in coordinating and/or managing life stages, transitions & supports

  • Assistance in accessing and maintaining employment
  • Assistance in obtaining/retaining tenancy
  • Support to navigate government services and other community resources

  • Relationship and social skill development

  • Relaxation and mindfulness strategies

  • Parenting programs/assistance
  • Coaching in areas relevant to you
  • Building Independance
  • Advocation or assistance in tricky areas to navigate such as DCP or the Justice System.