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The Puddles Way

We’re here to support you during your EVERYDAY life; we believe that you are the EXPERT and we want to EMPOWER you so you won’t always need us!

How We Work – The 3 E’s


We work with you in the places that you live, learn and play such as your home, workplace, your child’s schools or childcare.

We know that the most meaningful goals help you to live your everyday life in a happier, more independent and fun way. By understanding your everyday routines we help find opportunities to work on goals important to you.


We know that you are the expert in your own life. We team your experiences and understanding with our experience and knowledge to make a partnership. Together we will find the best possible way to support you to get the most from life and your funding.


And lastly, our hope is that you need us less as we work in partnership with you to build on your skills, confidence and the support around you.

Our Approach – Lead Practitioner

At ICJP we practice using a trans-disciplinary approach in which you have a lead practitioner who supports you to work towards your goals.

The lead practitioner is the primary person who supports you, which allows you to build a trusting and consistent relationship with one person who is matched to support you to build your capacity based on your needs.

The lead practitioner works within a trans-disciplinary team, so that if further expertise is needed, they can consult with team members and organise this support for you as required.

All of our practitioners come to you and work within your regular routine using our 3 E’s practice principles: “supporting your everyday life and experiences, knowing that you are the expert and empowering you, so you won’t always need us”

What to Expect – The Puddles Process

“Welcome to Puddles” Phone Call

You will receive a call from our admin team who will share some helpful information about how we deliver our services and let you know what to expect from your initial appointment.

Allocations Team

Based on the information you have shared so far, our allocations team will match you with a Lead Practitioner who will reach out to you to arrange a first appointment. 

Meet your Lead Practitioner

We believe you are the expert in your own life so we spend the first session having a conversation about a typical day for you to understand your experiences and needs. We call this our ‘Day in the Life Of’ conversation. 

Puddles Support Plan

Your lead practitioner will work with you collaboratively to identify goals that are important and meaningful to you, and find opportunities in your everyday life to work towards achieving these goals. 

Budgeting and Funding

We consider your NDIS Plan and funding to identify the most effective way to support you with meeting your goals, this may include creating a budget for you.


We believe in providing support and intervention in the places that people live, learn, work and play. We deliver services in settings such as homes, schools, workplaces and communities. 

Review and Support

We support you to continually review and measure your progress and goals using a self-rated measure, ensuring your needs are being met. We support with NDIS processes such as writing reports, getting the most out of your plans and navigating NDIS processes. 

Needing Us Less

We aspire to help you to need us less as we support you to achieve your goals and build skills, resources, confidence and resilience.