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Hospital Research Foundation

I Can Jump Puddles has partnered with the Hospital Research Foundation to help support people living with disabilities access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

What is the Hospital Research Foundation?

The Hospital Research Foundation Group funds more than 50 areas of medical research and patient care across all South Australian public hospitals, universities and medical research centres.

The HRF Grant funding has enabled ICJP to support over 40 people to gather information relating to a person’s disability from medical practitioners to evidence the person’s diagnoses. Similarly, our Physiotherapists and Psychologists have been able to undertake a comprehensive assessment of a person’s disability related needs, to inform the National Disability Insurance Agency of the person’s eligibility for access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Another component of the pre-access support has been focussed on goal setting and supporting people to plan how they would use their NDIS funds to increase their independence, access their community, and pursue their passion.

HRF Grant’s Impact

Clients Supported

Hours of Support

HRF $ Contribution

HRF Feedback

The support the HRF has been invaluable by providing ICJP’s neuromuscular clients who do not have NDIS funding. With the ongoing support of the HRF we have been able to improve the quality of life of over 40 clients and their families.  The HRF has helped support clients to access allied health services to complete functional assessments and gain access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

It’s wonderful to see organisations like the HRF identifying potential gaps in services where vulnerable people may slip through the cracks. The HRF has been proactive in funding a solution for this gap in service and we are so grateful be a part of this innovative life changing program.

Sam Boag

Director, I Can Jump Puddles

I was rejected the first time I applied for the NDIS but thankfully through I Can Jump Puddles they helped me put my application in with a lot more information and also include the physio assessments. I am truly grateful to I Can Jump Puddles and the Hospital Research Foundation for changing my life for the better especially now being able to get out into the community and have access to home help.

Sherri Thompson

Client Supported through HRF Grant

We are often contacted by people once they have had their initial NDIS Access Request denied. This is an very stressful and lengthy process for people who often need support to understand and or navigate the many complicated administrative processes involved with the NDIS. Being able to provide clarity and make this experience as easy as possible is one of the key features of the pre-access support.

Importantly, the HRF grant has enabled people access to the NDIS by reducing the financial barriers to comprehensive assessment. Furthermore, we have seen a number of people who have been particularly at risk in the community and in their homes due to the lack of access to appropriate assistive technology, equipment, and support. The NDIS has enabled people access to these supports; and this access has been resultant of the services delivered through the HRF grant.

Support Coordinator, I Can Jump Puddles