Occupational Therapy

Our experienced Occupational Therapists can support you with a range of therapy services. We are mobile and can come to you at home, work, school or anywhere of your choice . Our occupational therapists are an integral part of the I Can Jump Puddles transdisciplinary therapeutic team and our primary focus is supporting our clients to optimise their function. We specialise in both paediatrics and adult services.

How can we assist you?

  • Conduct assessments to measure developmental skills and sensory processing
  • Support with emotional regulation and sensory challenges
  • Support to develop age-appropriate fine motor skills
  • Support to gain more independence in self-care tasks such as dressing, meal times, sleeping, and morning/evening routines
  • Support to develop positive and age-appropriate relationship, social and play skills
  • Work across all natural environments (e.g. home, school, childcare) collaborating with teachers, carers and all people involved in supporting the client.
  • Groups or one on one therapy