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I Can Relax

Want to help your child improve their fitness, flexibility, and emotional regulation? I Can Relax is a fun, family-friendly yoga program that uses games and activities to promote relaxation and well-being in a supportive social setting. Bring comfy clothes, a water bottle, and get ready to relax and have fun together!

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What is I Can Relax?

Looking for a fun way to bond with your child and help them develop important life skills? “I Can Relax” is an exciting new yoga-inspired program designed for children and their families. Through playful group activities and yoga poses, children will improve their fitness, flexibility, balance, coordination, and emotional regulation – all in a supportive and social setting. Sessions include warm-up games, yoga mat activities, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and laughter. Bring comfy clothes, a water bottle, and get ready to create happy memories together!


I Can Jump Puddles 

262 Marion Road, Netley, SA, 5037


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