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About Us

At I Can Jump Puddles, we empower people living with disabilities in Adelaide and regional SA to achieve their goals. We offer a comprehensive range of NDIS support services, including essential therapeutic interventions. Our dedicated team of allied health professionals will guide you through the NDIS maze, connect you with the perfect service providers, and help you maximize your plan to live a fulfilling and independent life. Let’s jump those puddles together! Contact us today!

Child with NDIS Therapist

Our Name

Our founder, Sam, fondly remembers her first “grown-up novel” being “I Can Jump Puddles” by Alan Marshall. This inspiring story chronicles a young man’s battle with polio and his triumph over adversity, highlighting the message of perseverance – the “puddles” – that life throws our way.

Sam chose the name “I Can Jump Puddles” as a metaphor. We all have the right to dream big, set ambitious goals, and aspire to achieve them. As we embark on this journey, we will all encounter unique and different “puddles” that we must overcome to reach our dreams. “I Can Jump Puddles” is about recognizing the possibilities and finding ways to navigate these obstacles to achieve the goals we deserve in life.

“I Can Jump Puddles” exists to create teams of individuals who support our clients in achieving their life dreams, goals, and aspirations. We help them navigate the “puddles” they encounter along the way.

With the rollout of the NDIS, Sam recognized a potential “puddle.” The NDIS sounded like a fantastic new program with immense potential and possibilities. However, a key question arose: how do we understand and deal with the largest social reform since Medicare? While the underlying principles of opportunity, inclusion, and improved participant outcomes are commendable, Sam saw understanding and implementing this scheme as a “puddle” to navigate. Our goal is to help clients optimize the true benefits the scheme offers to eligible Australians.

I Can Jump Puddles Book by Alan Marshall
NDIS Participants Smiling after Receiving NDIS Supports from I Can Jump Puddles

The Puddles Way


How We Work – The 3 E’s

We’re here to support you during your EVERYDAY life; we believe that you are the EXPERT and we want to EMPOWER you so you won’t always need us!

Our Approach – Lead Practitioner

At ICJP we practice using a trans-disciplinary approach in which you have a lead practitioner who supports you to work towards your goals.

Meet Our Team

I Can Jump Puddles is a leading NDIS provider in South Australia and Tasmania. We have a large, diverse team working in a range of services areas including Support Coordination, Behaviour Support, Early Childhood Intervention, and Therapeutic Supports.

I Can Jump Puddles NDIS Service Team
Our Purpose

We provide quality, innovative disability services that create opportunities and empower people to “JUMP PUDDLES”. Our passion is to support people to live the life they choose in truly accessible and inclusive communities.

Child enjoying therapy with the support of I Can Jump Puddles, an NDIS provider.
Support Coordinator providing NDIS Supports to satisfied NDIS client

What We Value


We are all committed to ‘OWN IT’ and make it happen so we achieve the ‘PUDDLES PURPOSE’.

Our Partners

I Can Jump Puddles has partnered with a number of organisations to continue to support people living with a disability in Australia to gain access to essential and quality care.