About Us

I Can Jump Puddles is a leading provider of Support Coordination, Specialist Support Coordination, Behaviour Support, Therapeutic Support and Early Childhood Intervention services, across metropolitan Adelaide and regional SA. Our highly experienced team of allied health professionals is here to help NDIS participants of all ages organise their support network and maximise their opportunities to jump puddles and enjoy life.

The NDIS is our world. We can help you get the most out of your NDIS plan and take control. Our role is to help you research, review and choose providers.

We also work with service providers so they can truly understand the NDIS and how they can get the best outcomes from this exciting new scheme.

Who we are

I Can Jump Puddles was founded by Sam Boag, a qualified physiotherapist with more than 20 years of experience in the health and disability services sector, both as a therapist and manager. Sam has a deep understanding of the NDIS, and is a passionate advocate in helping those with additional needs access their local community and feel included. Sam has been involved in the rollout and implementation of the NDIS since its inception in South Australia, and she has strong relationships with a variety of local service providers. She is a kind, caring, and knowledgeable expert on all things NDIS. Prior to relocating to South Australia in 2006 she was the owner and founder of a children’s gross motor and movement program, Ready Steady Go Kids.

Sam, through her work at I Can Jump Puddles, supports a number of charities including The Hospital Research Foundation and Save Our Sons Duchenne Foundation. 

Sam Boag

Director & Physiotherapist

Our Name

As a child Sam remembers her first  “grown up novel” being “I Can Jump Puddles” by Alan Marshall. An inspiring story of a young man with polio and overcoming adversity and the “you can do that” or what he refers to as “puddles”.
Sam chose the name I Can Jump Puddles with the intention that it be viewed as a metaphor. We all have the right to dream big, aspire and set ourselves goals. As we set out to achieve these dreams, aspirations and goals we all will come across unique and different “puddles” to overcome along our way to reaching our dreams. It is about seeing the possibilities and finding ways to navigate these “puddles” and achieve our goals that we aim for and deserve in our lives.
I Can Jump Puddles is here to create teams of people to support our clients achieve their life dreams, goals and aspirations and help them navigate the puddles along the way.
With the rollout of the NDIS Sam saw this as a potential “puddle”. NDIS sounded like a wonderful new scheme, with huge potential and possibilities BUT how do we understand and deal with the largest social reform since the introduction of  Medicare? The underlying principles of opportunity, inclusion and significantly improved participant outcomes BUT understanding and implementing this scheme Sam saw as a “puddle” we need to navigate, so that we can optimize the true benefits the scheme has to offer Australians who can access it.

Our History


The Beginning. Our founder Sam began Puddles working out of her home!


The start of BIG things! Our therapy team was born and we began to expand


We welcomed 16 new grads and the team continues to grow!


We became NDIS registered!


Momentum continued to build!


We continue to grow and strive to provide the best quality support to as many clients as we can!


We moved out of home into a new office in West Beach! We continued to grow supporting 500 clients and employing more staff.


We onboarded our 1000th client! We also moved into a bigger office in Netley!