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I Can Cook

Have fun learning how to cook with a qualified dietitian in a supportive, small group environment.

Supporting your EVERYDAY life and experiences, knowing that you are the EXPERT and EMPOWERING you so you won’t always need us.

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What is I Can Cook?

Our I Can Cook sessions provide participants with the best parts of cooking!

Our hands on cooking classes have been specially designed to be all inclusive and to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.

The aim is for all group attendees to get hands on practical kitchen safety skills, become more comfortable in a kitchen environment, some basic nutrition and to learn how to cook some new and old faves!


I Can Jump Puddles 

262 Marion Road, Netley, SA, 5037


Whisk up new skills and build healthy habits! “I Can Cook” therapy groups are designed to empower you in the kitchen. While groups aren’t currently running, contact us to express your interest and be notified when they resume!



NDIS Funded

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