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Developmental Education

Master Your NDIS Goals with Adelaide Developmental Education

Our qualified Developmental Educators in Adelaide are dedicated to helping you maximise your NDIS plan and achieve greater independence through personalised developmental education. We focus on:

  • Goal Setting & Skill Development: Collaborate with you to establish personalised goals and develop essential life skills.
  • Building Independence: Empower you to actively participate in daily life and reach your full potential.
  • NDIS Expertise: Expertly navigate your plan, maximise funding, and connect you with the right supports.

Take control of your NDIS journey with our specialised developmental education services in Adelaide. Contact I Can Jump Puddles today!

NDIS Developmental Educators in Adelaide helping a client build life skills and independence

Supporting your EVERYDAY life and experiences, knowing that you are the EXPERT and EMPOWERING you so you won’t always need us.

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What is Developmental Education?

Developmental Educators are transdisciplinary disability specialists. At I Can Jump Puddles in Adelaide, our allied health professionals are dedicated to helping individuals and families build new skills, independence, and quality of life through NDIS Developmental Education.

Our Developmental Educators work with you and your family to develop effective strategies to support your learning goals. Whether it’s fostering relationships, building self-care skills, or accessing meaningful vocational experiences, we are here to help.

Importantly, our Developmental Educators provide specialised case management, support coordination, and counselling services tailored to your needs.

Additionally, we focus on behavioural support, helping to understand why certain behaviours occur and how they affect you and those around you. By understanding the communication behind these behaviours, we can develop strategies to better support you and meet your needs.

Discover the difference our NDIS Developmental Education services in Adelaide can make. Contact I Can Jump Puddles today!

How Can We Assist You?

At I Can Jump Puddles, our Developmental Educators are here to help you achieve your goals and enhance your quality of life. We offer comprehensive support in several key areas:

  • Learning Goals: Develop effective strategies to support your learning goals, whether it’s fostering relationships, building self-care skills, or accessing meaningful vocational experiences. Learn more about Developmental Educators Australia Inc. (DEAI) and their role in developmental education.
  • Skill Development Programs: Implement tailored skill development programs, including transport training and other essential life skills.
  • Daily Activities: Provide support with routines and daily activities to promote independence and confidence.
  • Life Transitions: Assist with lifestyle transitions, such as moving from primary school to high school or transitioning from high school to the workforce. For additional support and resources, visit the National Disability Services (NDS).
  • Emotional Support: Help manage emotions and build positive relationships through personalised support and guidance.

Additionally, our services align with the NDIS, ensuring you receive comprehensive and informed support. Our collaboration with reputable organisations such as the Disability Advocacy and Complaints Service of South Australia (DACSSA) further enhances the quality of our services.

Discover how our expert team can support your development and independence. Contact I Can Jump Puddles today to learn more about our NDIS Developmental Education services!

Visual representation of a daily routine for NDIS Developmental Education in Adelaide

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