Our Services

Early Childhood Intervention

Our Early Childhood Intervention service focuses on providing specialised support to infants and young children aged 0-6 with developmental delays or disabilities, regardless of diagnosis.

A Key Worker is a lead therapist who can support you and your child through your entire NDIS journey.

Key Worker support is available to children aged 0-6 and their families. Once your child is aged over 6, we can continue to provide support as your lead therapist.

We aim to enhance the development of the child through their normal daily life – by building the skills, knowledge and confidence of people already in the child’s support network.

Who are Key Workers?

Key Workers can be any qualified allied health professionals who have a trusting relationship with your child and your family. As your Key Worker will be your primary point of contact, it’s vital they can build a strong rapport and respect with your child and family.

A Key Worker may be an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, social worker, developmental educator or psychologist. 

Your Key Worker will also be:

  • very experienced in their own therapeutic area
  • knowledgeable of other therapeutic supports
  • able to act as coach and mentor to your family and other important people in your child’s support network.

What makes this service different?

Our service follows a transdisciplinary approach, which is different to traditional therapeutic service delivery.

This best practice model uses a collaborative approach from all team members that provides access to a range of specialists – however, our role is to be the central and primary point of contact to support your child and family to access supports from multiple domains, the community, health system and, of course, the NDIS.

Our goal is to empower you with the skills and knowledge to use everyday learning opportunities to support you and your child to develop to the best of their potential.

Your Key Worker will engage a variety of professionals to provide an integrated support team. Each member of the team contributes knowledge and skills by collaborating and, collectively, the team determines the best approach for your child.  

Engaging a range of therapeutic providers can be stressful and time consuming. Our transdisciplinary approach ensures the most appropriate allied health professionals are involved in your child’s team so that support is coordinated and cohesively working towards the same goals – to optimise your child’s development. 

​We follow a transdisciplinary approach, using a Key Worker as the primary person working with your family. A Key Worker is an early childhood intervention professional who will coordinate the different types of support your child needs. Your Key Worker will call on the expertise of specialist providers based on your child’s needs assessment.

We will work with your child and family to identify your child’s needs and develop a framework of intervention strategies. We will talk with you, your child’s carers and visit you and your child in a variety of settings – at home, preschool, school, a grandparent’s home or anywhere in your local community.

Once your child’s needs are established, your Key Worker will advise you on the appropriate therapists needed to work towards your child’s goals.

We will help you build your child’s formal and informal support network. Your Key Worker will support you and other important people in your child’s life to develop the skills your child needs to participate in everyday life.

Your Key Worker can provide you with information and links to specialist and mainstream service providers. They can also assist you to find suitable childcare, preschools and schooling options. 

​Your Key Worker will communicate with all your service providers, professionals and people providing support to your child and family. This will assist you with progress reports and preparing for NDIS reviews.