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Now & Next:
A Program for parents, by parents.

The Now & Next program is a journey of self-discovery and ‘A-HA’ moments. It has been designed to help you, as a parent or a carer, find the easier, calmer, happier path (trust us, there is one!) to coping with the challenges of raising a child with disability or delay.

Supporting your EVERYDAY life and experiences, knowing that you are the EXPERT and EMPOWERING you so you won’t always need us.

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What is Now & Next?

The Now & Next program is delivered in eight group or individual sessions by a Peer Worker. A Peer Worker is a parent or carer of a child with disability or delay, just like you. They know what it is like to have a child with challenging needs. They are able to support you on your journey whilst you support your child on theirs.

What will I learn?

1. You will learn how to use practical tools centred in positive thinking and positive outcomes to use for the mental, emotional, and physical challenges you may often face in daily life.

2. You will learn how to recognise your current level of wellbeing and how to increase it.

3. You will learn how to create AND achieve goals (big and small) for your child, yourself and your family.

4. You will learn that you have many strengths as does your child and every member of your family. Once you recognise them, you can use them to create great outcomes.

5. You will learn how to create a cohesive team of professionals and cheerleaders for your child, who will also help support you, guide you and back your decisions.

Why should I use my child’s funding for my own self-development?

You know the old saying ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’?

Your child needs you and looks to you for love, guidance & safety but when you are mentally, emotionally and physically drained, you don’t have the capacity to give them what they need and deserve.

The positive, problem-solving tools you will learn in the Now & Next program, you will pass on to your child/ren.  What could be more important than giving your child the opportunity to reach their full potential in life?

That’s why parents and carers LOVE the Now & Next program!


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You can read more about the research & data behind the Now & Next program here:  https://plumtree.org.au


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The Now & Next program is open to parents/carers of a child with a current NDIS plan.  Prices are as per the current NDIS price guide.

Group face to face program (2.5hrs/week x 8 weeks):  $1359.20 per person

Group online program (2hrs/week x 8 weeks):  $1106.36 per person

Individual program (1-2hrs/week x 8 weeks): $86.79/hr plus travel

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