Manual Handling Training

What is Manual Handling?

Manual handling refers to any activity that requires use of force by individuals to life, lower push, pull, hold or restrain something.

It is something that often routinely involved in the care of participants, whether it be based around use of equipment or assisting someone in their movement.

Why is it important?

We believe that it important for participants and their supports to feel comfortable and confident with all manual handling activities for the prevention of injury to all involved and to promote the comfort and wellbeing of participants in the process. 

How can we help?

At I Can Jump Puddles we offer a viariety of different manual handling packages from general manual handling training to training suited to individual participants needs. 

ALL of our trainings are led by qualified therapists in the disability sector. 

What We Can Offer you!

Individual Training

  • assessment of individual participant’s needs
  • involves training to those involved with participants care
  • development of a manual handling care plan
  • refresher training for individuals (annual manual handling care plan reviews recommended)

Tailored Training for Organisations

  • assessment of needs of a group of participants to provide tailored anual handling training relevant to the organisations needs.

General Person Manual Handling training

  • training on commonly seen manual handling tasks to assist movement of participants including: bed mobility, standing transfers use of transfer equipment such as lifters and more.

Manual Handling training for activities of daily living

  • manual handling when completing household chores and moving equipment
  • safe handling when assisting clients to dress and shower



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