Our Services

Lead Therapist Support

We offer a range of therapeutic supports to NDIS participants, including:

  • Developmental Education
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy

These specialised therapy services follow a Lead Therapist approach, where you and your family/support network will have one primary contact who can support you through your entire NDIS journey. We aim to enhance the capacity of the participant through their normal daily life – by building the skills, knowledge and confidence of people already in the participant’s support network.

Lead Therapists can be any qualified allied health professionals who have a trusting relationship with the participant and their primary support network. As your Lead Therapist will be your primary point of contact, it’s vital they can build a strong rapport and respect with the participant and their support network.

A Lead Therapist may be an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, social worker, developmental educator or psychologist.

Your Lead Therapist will also be:

  • very experienced in their own therapeutic area
  • knowledgeable of other therapeutic supports
  • able to act as coach and mentor to the important people in the participant’s support network.

Developmental Education

Developmental Educators are transdisciplinary disability specialists. Our allied health professionals can help individuals and families build new skills, independence and quality of life.

They can work with you and your family to develop effective strategies to support your learning goals – whether it is for fostering relationships, building self-care skills or access meaningful vocational experiences.

Most importantly, Developmental Educators can work closely with individuals and families in providing specialised case management, support coordination and counselling services.

Specific focus is also available in behavioural support – to understand why a person uses a type of behaviour, which affects them or those around them. By understanding what you are trying to communicate with such behaviour, we can develop strategies to better support you and meet your needs.


Our physiotherapy service is delivered by Director Sam Boag, who has extensive experience in physiotherapy for children with special needs. We can work with you to assess mobility and function, design a goal achievement plan with a range of intervention strategies and facilitate the implementation of a comprehensive program to support your overall development and wellbeing. Our therapist will assess for and prescribe assistive equipment when required, while overseeing its implementation.

Speech Pathology

Our experienced practitioners can work with you to provide an individual assessment and develop a plan to support your development and work towards your NDIS goals. Our therapists will assess for and prescribe assistive equipment when required, while overseeing its implementation.