Behaviour Support

I Can Jump Puddles has a team of specialist practitioners ready to help NDIS participants of any age needing behaviour support.

Our service in this area focuses on understanding why a person uses a type of behaviour, which affects them or those around them.

By understanding what you are trying to communicate with such behaviour, we can develop strategies to better support you and meet your needs.

Our approach

Our skilled professionals follow a lead therapist approach. Your lead therapist will be the primary contact who cansupport you, and your family, through your entire NDIS journey.

We aim to enhance the capacity of the participant through their normal daily life – by building the skills, knowledge and confidence of people already in the participant’s support network.

What to expect

During an initial assessment, we will aim to understand your current situation, any challenges and your needs. This may involve:

  • Reviewing any relevant reports or information
  • Talking with you, your family members and therapist team
  • Observing you – at home, school or work, or even in the community

We can then begin to work with you and your family to develop and implement a range of strategies to support your overall developmental goals. We can also work with your family and therapists to broaden their understanding of your needs and the best ways to work with you.

Our expert practitioners are also able to assist with developing and implementing Positive Behaviour Support Plans, and can work with your support network to ensure strategies are carried out carefully and successfully across all your day to day activities. We can also monitor restrictive practices, develop strategies to remove them, initiate skill development plans and further build your capacity.