This week, we talk to Oliver Mills, 30, about living with Cerebral Palsy, writing poetry and starting his own micro enterprise.


Tell us a little about you, your age, disability and current situation…
I am Oliver. I am 30 years old. I have Cerebral Palsy and a vision impairment. I live with my parents. I have a Home Program. I have about 10 or 12 people on “Team Ollie”.


Share with us all the amazing things you can do, especially those that people in your local community may not realise you can do?
I walk everyday with my Easywalker from my bedroom to the kitchen or family room (It is about 30-50 steps; 17-20 metres), sometimes twice. I use a Dynavox Maestro, PODD communication book and an iPad to communicate.


What has been your biggest achievement to date? How did you achieve such big heights?
I received a Richard Llewellyn Deaf and Disability Literary Grant to complete my memoir “A Snapshot of My Life”. This was made possible with the help of my poetry mentor.


What has been the hardest barrier for you to overcome?
The lack of “changing places” toilets. Having more of these would make life a lot easier when out and about and not such a concern to be out all day. Also accessibility to shops, cafes, etc that have a step without a ramp.

What is one positive thing about the NDIS for you and how do you think the scheme will assist inclusion in your community? Can you give us one idea that would help your community be more inclusive?
I am hoping the NDIS will support my micro enterprise, Oliver’s Choice and help me get my artwork, greeting cards and books out to the wider community.

Better access to shops, cafes, etc and not congesting the aisles with “stuff’ making it hard to manoeuvre my wheelchair.​