Introducing Tessa, one of our Support Coordinators, a fitness fanatic and cat lover! Tessa is available in Southern Adelaide.

Trying new workouts to keep myself motivated is a must for me as I am continuously working on my health and fitness. Some of my favourites are bike riding, weightlifting, HITT training and hiking. Currently I am walking and jogging along the esplanade a few times a week, trying to build up my fitness level enough to consistently run.

Travel has always been a big part of my life. I am really looking forward to exploring the world again and getting back to one of my favourite places New York.

I enjoy sampling different foods from different countries, trying new restaurants, brunches with friends, dinners out with my Husband. The ideal night in is cuddles with our fur babies of the meowing kind, Nala and Arthur on the couch watching a movie or TV series.

I’ve gained experience in a variety of industries over the years – McDonalds in Customer service, Photographer on Santa sets, Receptionist at a Physio and Retail Assistant at a clothing store.

An opportunity came up to do work experience in Property Management, which lead to a fulltime Assistant position, I then got promoted to a Property Manager and onto my most recent role as a Senior Property Manager -This is where I have been for the last 12 years.

I am a passionate, driven and self-motivated individual. I strongly believe that amazing client service is essential. In my professional life and life in general my approach will always be to treat others as you wish to be treated.

My diverse years of employment have allowed me to develop many personal attributes, I have excellent communication skills and pride myself on my sharp negotiation & organization.

I am looking forward to using my skills to support people to utilise their NDIS plan to achieve their goals and increase their independence.


I found myself daydreaming about Support Coordination and ICJP since my beautiful Cousin joined the team. Her love for the company and the glow that she has when she talks about the role made me investigate it further. I soon realised there was a strong correlation between our roles and realised my dream was not far-fetched and that my skills would add value to the team so I made the jump!