Meet Marwa, one of our lovely Developmental Educators.


I grew up and lived in Sydney where I gained an Associate Diploma in Social Sciences (Early Childhood Education) and worked in the early childhood and early intervention space. My passion for working with diverse communities was sparked and a desire to upskill and expand on my professional experience working with people with disability and their families led me to studying the Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education at Flinders University. I am proud to now call myself a DE and I am excited to start working with families to empower and promote inclusive living and full participation for all clients within their own communities in the unique way that they choose.


I have always enjoyed working closely with people where the diversity of each person and family brings variability to each workday through a person-centred approach. I receive joy and fulfilment from empowering people and advocating with them to live their fullest life by reaching for their goals and building their personal capacity. I have an interest in working with people with intellectual disability and love to help young people transition smoothly into adulthood. I love supporting people to develop their life skills to allow them to live as independently and meaningfully as possible. I love using an ‘out of the box’ approach to finding innovative and creative interventions and strategies to support people to improve their daily living skills. I enjoy taking a holistic approach to interventions and therapy that considers the individual’s likes and preferences to build their capacity in their chosen tasks and activities.


I love being outdoors and in nature whether that be taking a walk through a national park or dipping my toes in the sea. I also love being creative in any way that I can. I love being adventurous in the kitchen while I cook up a storm. I also enjoy writing poetry and art and craft projects where I can make things using a variety of materials and tools. I am a curious person who enjoys exploring new things and I look forward to sparking curiosity and adventure within the clients I work with through engaging in a variety of creative and outdoor activities that match their own interests. I enjoy using creative and enjoyable activities to help clients reach their goals in an interesting and sustaining manner where they are fully engaged and enjoying their journey.

I have been able to personally jump many hurdles in my life including physical health and mental heath trials. I am proud to say that I have learnt a great deal from the hurdles I have jumped and that each one has made me a stronger, more empathetic, resilient, and determined person. I am looking forward to capitalising on these personal attributes with clients to support them to also overcome and jump through their personal hurdles and puddles.


I am very proud to say that I have achieved my bachelor’s degree. Being the first in my family to do so is a huge achievement that I feel very blessed to have been able to do. I was able to achieve the highest grade in a direct instruction topic which won me the DEAI Academic Achievement Award. I was able to share this special occasion with my children who are undoubtedly my most valued achievement. I pride myself on being a lifelong learner and my children teach me new and exciting lessons daily and I am grateful for each lesson I receive while raising them.

I have gained some invaluable professional experience from working in early childhood and early intervention as well managing a family business in the auto-detailing and mechanical field. The relationships I built and the varied skills I developed from these jobs as well as my experience volunteering in the disability sector with diverse communities have all contributed to my success thus far and built the foundations for serving and working alongside clients in the disability sector as a DE.