Today we meet Jaye, one of our valued Support Coordinators.

Jaye provides Support Coordination Services in the Fleurieu Peninsula and Southern suburbs.

Hi, Jaye here … aka ‘Jaybird’.

Who am I?

I’m a Mum of four—including three teenagers and a 6yr old—who loves wearing way too much colourful jewellery! I’m also a bit of a health and fitness fanatic and can often be found in the great outdoors challenging my hubby and young people to keep up with me. Food is one of my greatest delights in life and I happily host many a banquet for large groups of friends. Finding healthy recipes that taste amazing is often a goal of the week.


I began my career in the disability sector when I was just 17, as a support worker in respite homes in Queensland. After completing my Bachelor of Applied Science in Disability Studies at Flinders, I have worked with the Homecare Plus program with the Paraplegics and Quadriplegics Association and, more recently, in the homes of those who have children with Fragile Airways.

I have also studied and worked as a Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Coach providing programs within the Fleurieu Peninsula for community groups, local councils, and individuals. For the past ten years, I have led a kinder gym-style program ‘Busy Bug Active Kids’, the largest of its kind on the Fleurieu.


Tattooed on my arm is the phrase ‘free to fly’ — a constant reminder that we are born for freedom. Ten years ago, just after I had launched my fitness business, I fell on a slippery set of metal stairs and sustained an injury that remains with me to this day, reducing my capacity to compete in the sports I once loved. Freedom can be taken away from us in small ways (like mine) or in a greater measure, but my goal is to constantly help others find their freedom again.

When it comes to life goals, I find great joy in helping young adults move into study and employment and the process of helping them network and develop skills to move out of home. I am currently in the process of completing a Training and Assessment Course which has given me the ability to navigate the tertiary system well—a skill I am sure will benefit many.


When looking into finding a role as a Support Coordinator I was drawn to the ICJP team. They are very engaged and active in the community and seem to really enjoy the work they do. I’m excited to step onto this creative team, spread my wings, and fly!