We are excited to announce another new addition to our awesome Support Coordination team – Emily!

Emily will be providing Support Coordination Services in the Northern suburbs.


A little bit about myself I lived in Adelaide most of my life, have spent two years in Melbourne and one in Queensland studying Social Work and experiencing a range of different social services fields. I recently moved back to South Australia with my partner and two young children. I have completed my Bachelor of Social work at flinders university and am about to study my Masters in Mental Health social work. I have experience in the youth and disability sector with most of my experience in case management and correctional services. I am looking forward to beginning a career in something that I am extremely passionate about.


I wanted to become a Support Coordinator as I am extremely passionate about helping people to build capacity in their own lives and I enjoy being able to help people achieve their goals. I have worked alongside Support Coordinators and believe this was a job that I would be able to succeed in due to my experience in a range of different community sectors throughout my career.


My interests are working with people who are living with disabilities and helping them to achieve their goals. I have an interest in focusing on mental health with my clients, homelessness and housing needs, as well as youth and youth justice. I also enjoy working with clients who require complex care to support their needs and helping them to find solutions that improve their daily living. I am very passionate about a holistic approach to care and looking for strategies that will help a person from an overall care model that considers personal choices and preferences. I enjoy building important and professional relationships with my clients and helping them connect to the services that they need.


Some of my biggest achievements would be firstly my children but to be the first person in my family to complete university and to go on and do my master’s degree in mental health and hopefully further study. I am proud that I have been able to do a lot of volunteering and I am now embarking on a job role where I am able to help others make the most out of their NDIS plans. I try to see every little positive in my life as an achievement no matter how little that is, as it helps me to keep a positive mindset towards my personal life, my career and to help others.