Meet our latest Support Coordinator Angela who is servicing in the Eastern and Southern suburbs.

We are super excited to have Angela on board and can’t wait to see the amazing work she does with our participants.


My name is Angela, I have come to Puddles from working as a mental health support worker for over three years, where I worked alongside a range of diverse people living with disabilities and mental health hurdles. During this time, I completed a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. Through this experience I’ve gained an understanding of the day-to-day life of participants accessing the NDIS, the challenges that may arise, and how to best support such individuals. I am passionate about supporting the LGBTQIA community and I strive to be a non-judgemental, safe space.


I am enthusiastic about working with people and helping bridge gaps in areas of social inequality, this is what drew me to working in disability. As a Support Coordinator I felt I could do more, learn more and better assist those I am working alongside.


I enjoy art projects, whether it be painting with Acrylics or collaging. I try to engage in something artistic every week. I have a bit of an obsession with card and boardgames. I love cooking and making pasta from scratch, so really anything where I can use my hands. I love Marvel and murder mystery tv series, and I am also a big Doctor Who fan! Most of all, I love listening to podcasts, especially of people’s life stories and what they have experienced in life.


When I was five years old I was unsupervised by a pool, fell in and drowned, luckily I was resuscitated. From this I developed a severe phobia of water. I would not even put my head under the shower. I began small amounts of exposure therapy and by twelve I was quickly excelling in swimming lessons. By the next year I became a competitive swimmer, I was racing in the S.A. state championships from ages 13-16, and competed interstate. I was training every day, sometimes two times a day and went on to row for a short period of time. Although I no longer compete, I still go for a few laps occasionally and have kept the same determination and work ethic I developed through swimming.

My biggest achievements are in the moments where my determination and belief in myself drove me to do something or achieve something that I may not have thought capable. It was about taking a little risk and believing in myself.