How the Hospital Research Foundation helped secure NDIS funding for Sherri; a talented songwriter.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi there my name is Sherri I am 51 I have been working from home doing lead generating and inbound call centre work now for about five years. This has been fabulous for me as I can work my own hours and I can have regular breaks so it means that I can fit it in around my muscular dystrophy. I love working from home as it means I don’t have to worry about walking any distance or parking, or if I’m feeling tired, I can even work in my PJ’s! Sometimes if I have a day where I am really sore, I may work on my bed. I have Fascio scapular humeral dystrophy. I am still able to walk, but only very short distances and I need a stick or walker. I have two dogs, who are my work buddies and constantly by my side and three cats, chooks and a rabbit and fish. I love getting out with my friends and going to a café or a movie or dinner.

Tell us about your family and your background?

I have two children who are 16 and 18 and my partner who I met whilst travelling overseas 30 years ago. I first met him in London and then when I went to South Africa which is where he grew up that is where we got together

Do you enjoy living in Adelaide and what is the best thing about it?

I do enjoy living in Adelaide, I love the four seasons and I love the accessibility to almost everything within half an hour. I think we have beautiful beaches, wineries and beautiful hills areas.

Tell us what your interests are.

My interests are varied and I usually have a new hobby about every 6 months. This has included everything from writing children’s books, to creating digital books and videos to my current passion which is song writing and producing. I have now written around 13 songs but there is a problem as I can’t sing or play an instrument. I have now discovered Fiver where I use musicians from all over the world to play parts on my songs and use singers from all over the world as well. My last song I produced, my singer and flutist were from Italy, and the guitarist and violinist were from South America. I wrote this song called Stronger for My Daughter and the many people who suffer from anxiety. Here is the link if you would like to listen    https://youtu.be/E1rHONNRI5E

Have you been getting involved in your local community/sports teams?

No, I don’t get out and about a lot but I have just got access to a mobility scooter so I am expecting life to now be greatly improved

 What has been an achievement you’ve had?

I would say one of my achievements has been my music which I hope to continue writing and producing. I am still relatively new so hoping to continue improving my skills and learn more with each song

What are the barriers for you to overcome and the challenges you’ve faced?

The barriers I face is not being able to get out and about due to my mobility. There has been so much I can’t do like go to the Fringe, walk on the beach, even walk down Jetty Road at Glenelg but that will all change now and I can’t wait to be able to get out more.

 Have you had any discrimination towards yourself? If so, how do you think this can be stamped out of society?

Yes, the one thing I found was when we parked to access a restaurant for me as I couldn’t walk to the carpark which was down the road and across a gravel carpark and then received a fine. We did appeal and won but there should be more access for people with mobility issues for parking. Even at shopping centres there is never enough parks and if I can’t access close, I have to turn around and go home.

 What is a positive about the NDIS for you and how does the scheme assist you?

I now have access to home help with housework. There were so many things I was really struggling to do so this has made a huge difference to me. My house has steps in the front and back so I can’t take my washing out or in, or carry anything into the house. I also struggle to do anything that involves bending as I have lost muscles in my back and the backs of my legs so things like making beds, emptying the dishwasher, vacuuming and mopping were so hard. I feel like such a weight has been lifted and it really has been life changing for me. We are still in the process of accessing ramps and shower stools etc but it’s a work in progress which

 How did the Hospital Research Foundation help you reach your goal in receiving NDIS funding?

I was rejected the first time I applied for the NDIS but thankfully through I Can Jump Puddles they helped me put my application in with a lot more information and also include the physio assessments. I am truly grateful to I Can Jump Puddles and the Hospital Research Foundation for changing my life for the better especially now being able to get out into the community and have access to home help.

Do you have any words of wisdom that can help others achieve their goal in receiving NDIS funding?

I think definitely getting I Can Jump Puddles to assist you is the first step I would be taking but, also if you can get letters from medical professionals too eg I had a letter from my neurologist