This week we chat to Jacy Arthur, a youthful 48 year old mother, self confessed IT geek, and author of two books.


Tell us a bit about you, your age, disability and current situation?

Hi, I’m a very youthful 48 year old. I have Cerebral Palsy and severe deafness, but am a fabulous lipreader. I’m self employed and work as a Graphic Designer/Website Builder, transport driver and also mentor for Hire Up and Mable (support worker providers).



Tell us about your family and your background?
I am a mother of a 20 year old son and I grew up in the Outback town of Broken Hill, moving to Adelaide in 1993. We visit my family in Mildura and Broken Hill every year. Love our good road trips in the country.


Do you enjoy living in Adelaide and what is the best thing about it?

I love Adelaide because there’s lots to do and places to visits.  I love our Sunday drives in the Hills.


Tell us what your interests are.

I’m an Apple IT geek and love it!  Music is fantastic. Facebook is my way to communicate and make people happy and aware of disability in a positive way.




Have you been getting involved in your local community?

I go to my local AEP gym and pool to keep active and fit.



What has been an achievement you’ve had?

I’ve written two books – ‘If Only You Knew’ and ‘If Only You Knew Too’ (part two)




What are the barriers for you to overcome and the challenges you’ve faced?

 Communication is my biggest barrier, luckily email and SMS are available so everyone can ‘talk’ to anyone these days.



Have you had any discrimination towards yourself? If so, how do you think this can be stamped out of society?

 Employment for people with disabilities still needs a lot of work – luckily some of us can be self employed and clients with a disability are able to hire us from Mable or Hire Up (support worker providers). Being a Freelancer is fabulous as well.



What is a positive about the NDIS for you and how does the scheme assist you?

 NDIS has made my life easier by having support at home as well as therapists at the gym, hydrotherapy, and physio to help my ‘CP’ body to be in top shape to keep ‘Dancing’!!