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Child Voice:
Helping parents empower their kids.

The Child Voice program is a journey, a journey of empowerment for children with disabilities, allowing them to thrive in the future.
It is a journey of discovery for parents aimed at identifying and harnessing your childs strengths, following this its all about harnessing these strengths and coaching your child to make their own decisions based on these strengths.

The Child Voice program is a 4 week evidence based program developed specifically for parents!
It has been researched and presented by Plumtree Learning, and facilitated by I Can Jump Puddles.

Research has found that it is often hard for children with disabilities to have their opinions head when it comes to planning of supports and services. The Child Voice Program is aiming to change this, and will help parents to, when planning supports for their child, identify their childrens strengths, harness these strengths and empower their child to make their own decisions! 

Parents opinions are usually included in developing learning plans with professionals, and the voices of children are often drowned out. As such the goals that may be set may not be directed towards the childs true interests, or their strengths, leading to poor outcomes.

The Child Voice program is all about building childrens capacity to make their own choices, including feeling involved in goal setting and life decisions.


What will I learn?

As the course is four sessions, each session will build upon the previous, progressively building an action plan for parents to:

  • coach their child to make new choices
  • identify and harness their childs strengths
  • formulate a wellbeing program that will support their child achieve his or her goals



The Child Voice program is open to parents/carers of a child with a current NDIS plan.  Prices are as per the current NDIS price guide.

Group face to face program (2.5hrs/week x 4 weeks):  $1100 per person
(Includes 2 therapist hours to assist filling out Plumtree Questionnaire)

Group online program (2.5hrs/week x 4 weeks):  $1100 per person
(Includes 2 therapist hours to assist filling out Plumtree Questionnaire)

Family Support Programs

Child Voice builds upon skills learnt in Plumtrees Peer to Peer program, Now & Next, which was focused on practical, positive, problem solving skills and how to best make use of the support team surrounding your child.

Child voice will build on these skills, and help you understand how to harness them to empower your child

Timetable Term 3, 2022

Group face to Face or zoom program available

Dates:  Thursday 27th October- Thursday 17 November

Location:  Salisbury Family Hub & zoom

Time:  12:30pm – 3:00pm


We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about the program, feel free to give the office a call on: 
(08) 7085 3999
or Jess De Duonni 0420 842 228

More information on the research and Plumtree team can be found here: plumtree.org.au